Fixing the common email problems

If you are facing any issues with your Gmail or Aol or any other account, there are some basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow to get out of the situation. Although you have options to use the Google mail customer care support or dial the Aol toll free helpline number, it is always good to know a few basics of dealing with email issues.

Read this post to know about some of the common issues that you may face with your email account and the solution steps to those.


Fix the simple email issues

Logging into your mail

If you are able to login to your mailbox, it means your mail is working fine and you can send and receive messages going ahead. This means your first step is clear.
Unable to login to your mail
First, check whether you have internet connectivity or not. You can do so by simply opening another webpage and entering any web address. If the page opens, it means you have internet connectivity but issues persist with your mailbox.
Restart your email
You can restart your email account, your web browser or your system and try logging in again.
Review your email settings
Refer to your web-browser’s troubleshooting steps and try them out. Too often, they have all the basic steps listed in their help guide.

If you are still not able to access your email account, you can contact customer care number of your email service provider. If you have issues with your att mail, you can Contact att Email Customer Service Number.



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